#FICTION: SHORT STORY# 1- Rain brings pain


#FICTION: SHORT STORY# 1- Rain brings pain
By Neel Anil Panicker

Nostalgia has a very bad habit of coming and knocking you out when you least expect it and especially when you are at your most vulnerable.

And just as well, Nature was playing games with her right now.
Perched on a low stool and staring upwards from outside her third floor street-facing
corner flat window, Shefali was feeling bad, very bad.

Bad and angry at herself. Bad at having fought with Aman and angry because she had allowed it affect her to such an extent that it had now triggered within her thoughts of Rishi.

Oh! Rishi, why does he have to be such a pain, a pain in the heart? And why does he keep coming back, he and his thoughts? And that too now, and more so, especially now… in such a weather? Dammit!


She caressed the…

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