Hey! I too need my day
By Neel Anil Panciker
The other day I as clearing my inbox which was choc-a-block with several unwanted and undesirable and needless to add unsolicited mail from unknown males and females__of mostly dubious antecedents and even more dubious intentions.
It was then that my eye caught the attention of a particularly tastefully done, red and green bordered psychedelic mail complete with a flashing neon signage.
Curiosity led me to click it open even though all my senses screamed out that it could be a trap, or worse a financial trap at that.
And voila! what popped out of the computer screens was nothing less than shocking. Surprisingly shocking, I must add.
In a beautiful multi-coloured Scriptina Pro calligraphic font, and written in the most stylized calligraphic pattern that I had seen in long long time was the words,
‘Greetings on International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust World. 
And the next line stated thus and I quote verbatim:
‘As you know the Nazi Holocaust claimed upto 20 million innocent Jewish lives. 
Please, not only must you take all measures to preserve your precious Mother Earth but you must also ensure that another genocidal bloodbath such as the Holocaust never ever happens. 
You can show your solidarity with this most noble of causes by donating a small amount of fifty dollars. 
You can make the said transaction via … Visa, Master, … 
The transaction details are hereunder…”
I exited my mail box and then something made me log onto the United Nations website and sure enough there was such a day marked out for the occasion.
And that was not just. I also found the highly respected international body had set aside almost every singly day  in a calendar year in order to commemorate other such hugely important world matters such as for the ‘Preservation of the Ozone Layer’ and another one for ‘Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda’, and one even for
‘Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition’. 
My education over and having been quite suitably humbled and humanized I logged out and opened my wallet to do my bit for the poor hapless victims lying stranded and helpless in remote corners of this wide wonderful world but alas only to find a pitifully empty bottomless hole staring down at me.
Not a nickel or a dime could I find in there!
Pray, maybe it is time for me shoot a mail to the Big Daddies (or is that Big Mommies? just to be on the safer side in these very politically correct times) in the UN who are entrusted with such noble tasks, pleading with them to to reserve a day exclusively in
‘Remembrance of the Victims of Online Financial Frauds’. 
Hopefully, then maybe, that could make my day.
Until then…out of no choice and with a very heavy heart, I do what I must, and that is to tearfully bid adieu and send this mail where it rightfully must go – the dustbin.


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